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Much like everything in life, it seems that when it comes to sexuality practices, everything exists in two extremes. On the one hand we have the cold, clinical, therapy approach, and on the other we have the overtly spiritual, “woo-woo” approach. Where is the happy medium? Where is the place that the average person can go? A place that perfectly combines these two worlds in a way that is practical and applicable for modern day living. Thus, Urban Script was born – Conscious Sexuality for a Modern World.

Now your next question logically should be: What on earth is conscious sexuality? I’m awake and I’m here, doesn’t that qualify as conscious? The simple answer is…. No.
According to cognitive neuroscientists, we are conscious of only about 5% of our cognitive activity. That means that 95% of the time we are functioning on auto pilot. We live in survival mode. Everything we do is a pattern. Yes, it works. It gets us from point A to point B. The lights are most definitely on. But nobody is home.

These patterns are so deeply engrained in us that we are totally unaware of their existence. What does that mean for our sexuality? For our intimate experiences? It means that we take those patterns, that same auto pilot setting with us into the bedroom.

Urban Script aims to help singles and couples of all ages and orientations find fulfilment in their intimate experiences. By becoming truly conscious, healing our traumas, and setting our intentions from a place of love, we create a world of endless possibility.

Find fulfilment in all of your intimate experiences

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