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Reconnecting with our Inner Goddess

As women, we have lost touch with what it means to be truly feminine and to be empowered by that femininity. In spite of the liberation women have achieved through centuries of struggle, we live in a world where our femininity has become distorted. We have donned armour and become warriors, believing that this is what is required of us in order to empower ourselves and become strong. We see it in business- hard women, tough women, tackling the boardroom with swords in their hands in order to compete with their masculine counterparts. This is not empowerment. This is not what it means to be a woman.

“The masculine and feminine are equal – but different. When we, as women, become the living embodiment of the Goddess within us, that is true empowerment.”

Let us examine a battlefield analogy. If you were to walk onto a battlefield wearing armour and told the enemy to lay down his weapons, he would not do so. You would be forced to go to war. Your feminine power would be lost. If, however, you were to walk onto that same battlefield wearing a white dress with wildflowers in your hair, every man would lay down his weapons for you.

In the twenty first century particularly, we have become incredibly reliant on our masculine energy because this is the energy that gets things done. It is the survival energy, the provider energy, logical and cold. We are told we don’t have time for the emotion and the softness that is feminine energy, but when women embrace the divine essence of femininity, it does not make us weak. It makes us strong. There is room for both. This world desperately needs both. The masculine and feminine are equal – but different. When we, as women, become the living embodiment of the Goddess within us, that is true empowerment.

Path to the Divine Feminine – The Disconnect

So many women are disconnected from their essence and unable to see their own beauty. We have spent our entire lives being faced with many things that disconnect us as women from our sexuality, from our bodies and from our pleasure.

It begins in childhood when we are taught silly names for our genitals- your “foo-foo”, your secret place- all of this creates a sense of detachment. A sense of shame. A sense of fear.

We begin to see these parts of ourselves as something that needs to be hidden, kept in the dark, never spoken about.

It deepens when puberty arrives, and our menstrual cycle is explained and greeted with embarrassment and shame. Advertisements for period products have little to do with reality. This time in our lives is not celebrated or spoken about openly. The sex education we receive is mechanical and largely fear based. This goes in here. That goes on there. Don’t get pregnant and don’t get an STD. Done. Sexuality arrives in a way that brings confusion and chaos. Nobody ever talks to young people about connection or pleasure. Consciousness or intention.

The pattern is further perpetuated by religion, the beauty industry, social media, false depictions of male and female sexuality, toxic gender roles, the paradox of using female sexuality to sell everything. It’s everywhere, not only for products but in movies, music and so much that is targeted at young women.

The impact of this disconnect can manifest itself in many ways, from painful sex, being unable to have orgasms, being sexually unfulfilled, judging your sexuality, being powerless, being secondary, undeserving and so much more.

Path to the Divine Feminine – The Buck Stops Here

“Let us teach our daughters to be Goddesses and our sons to be the Gods who deserve them.”

We no longer have to perpetuate the cycle. If we, as women, can come together and truly embrace our feminine power, we can heal these wounds and move forward into a new world of untapped femininity.

This power is so great that it terrifies us. It terrifies men. Many men are afraid of a woman who is truly secure in her femininity. How can a mere mortal satisfy a Goddess? It’s time for us to step up, all of us, men included, and end the cycle for the generations to follow.

Feminine energy is soft, nurturing, intuitive, strong, wise and powerful. Your Goddess is the wild woman within you that is not concerned with society’s rules or ideals. Allow yourself to be sensitive. Allow your heart to crack wide open and let go of fear. Work with other women without jealousy or comparison and help them to see the beauty within themselves. Honour your body, honour your voice, celebrate your sexuality.

Let us teach our daughters to be Goddesses and our sons to be the Gods who deserve them.